$997.00 USD

180 session

For the woman who is sick and tired of being sick and tired due to career/life stress and trying to figure everything out on her own. 

And it’s not always feasible for the answer to be a crazy long and crazy expensive program! You want answers and change yesterday! Well, I can’t do yesterday, but I can do really f*cking soon and with me, it’ll be done within 180 minutes!


Chances are at least one if not all of these statements hit:

You know this can’t be it, but you don’t exactly know what the something “more” is that you’re looking for (or maybe you know, but you have NO idea how to get there). 

You’re tired of performance pressure and societal expectations running the show, and the more you try to gain control of your life, the more you feel it’s out of control…

You feel like you used to thrive in the hustle culture, but you really want to find that mythical “balance” or learn how to “find your flow” that you hear others talking about…

You’re frustrated at the fact that you don’t feel seen or heard in your line of work, but the alternative seems to be getting labeled a “bitch” which you don’t want either…

No matter which one of these resonated for you, this session is going to be a GAMECHANGER! And I am SO pumped for you to undergo this transformation! 

What you'll get:

  • A 90 min Zoom coaching session with Dr. Megan, including actionable exercises
  • 90 min total of pre/post work to further guide and deepen the transformation
  • Video and audio recordings of the call

Once you submit your info, you’ll immediately get an email with the intake forms and scheduling info! Chat soon!


PS If you know you need this, but you’re holding off because you don’t feel like you have space to do the work like this weeek, that’s ok! This payment reserves your spot, but that spot can be next week or next month! You have 3 months from purchase to utilize (and if this offer is up, there’s at least one call slot open in that time. If you need to see the available calendar before purchasing, just DM me and ask! I’m more flexible on when the calls happen, it’s the overall number of calls in a week that I limit due to the depth of energy they require). Together, you and I will work that out on the calendar.