Career Clarity Session

The 180 degree shift you desire in just 180 minutes 

Together we’ll get you SUPER clear on what the next “right” step is for you to build a career (and life) that feels joyous and free.

AND develop clear digestible action steps that have massive ROI

I'm ready for CLARITY


I know you are BEYOND ready to go from 

  • Frustrated to FREE
  • Deep dissatisfaction with work to  EXCITED & IMPACTFUL
  • Confused & overthinking about what’s next to full CLARITY around it


What if I told you that you could get there in as little as 180 minutes?!


Hi, I'm Dr. Meg, career clarity & nervous system regulation coach. I've been doing this work for over a decade, and hear me when I say you are NOT alone.

I get it. Where you’re at is a very confusing and jarring place to be. I know because I’ve been there. Having the breakdowns because something felt off with my career path / impact, but no idea what or why. (You know, those moments where you feel empty when others praise your "success." Those moments when you just want to cry or scream into a pillow (and maybe do) because you feel lost & unfulfilled even though you've "checked the boxes." Those moments where you catch yourself complaining to your partner yet again or getting more snappy with them) 

And I kept hiring coaches and grasping at certifications hoping that would be “the thing” that will fill that gap in my heart & soul (about my career) only to still feel empty afterwards. I’ve had the massive life event that shone a light on how my current path was a mismatch for the impact I wanted to have AND the life I wanted to live… Hell, I still remember the moment after my dad's funeral (watching him pass young got me to question everything) when I got back to my clinic in AZ. I was working and felt ok until watched a coworker who was truly LIT up by the work he was doing - it was so clear he was in his purpose. And that made it all the more clear that I was not. I just had NO clue what was for me if it wasn't the thing I'd spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars studying. I couldn't yet see through the fog...

It took me years and tens of thousands of dollars to find my way to my purpose, and now...

I’ve not only helped myself master pivots & shifts, gain clarity, and make moves, but I took everything I learned and have helped so many others get unstuck in a FRACTION of the time & cost it took me.  Women who KNOW there’s more impact they can make (without sacrificing loving life) but feel stuck and can’t quite see a clear path through the fog…

Hell, I’ve been doing it years, even in my old doctoral career, especially when I was working to help cancer patients rebuild their health and lives post-treatments. 

With my proprietary method, molded specifically to fit YOUR individual needs, you can achieve the 180 you’re desiring in life within 180 minutes.

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Go FAR and FAST together:

in 180 minutes, you’ll gain the CLARITY & CONFIDENCE in what is meant for you in your career, how to make the impact you want while streamlining all your ideas into clear, digestible, and actionable steps!

  • Create a career path that excites you & helps build a life full of deep joy 
  • Ditch the doubt that’s keeping you from taking action
  • Skyrocket your confidence and feel deeply aligned in the impact you’re making (without sacrificing lifestyle)
  • Be able to FINALLY see through the fog created by ALL the things swirling in your head (aka stop grasping at certifications hoping that will be “the thing”)
  • Gain the tools to feel rested, regulated, and ready to go throughout the whole process and in the future


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"I could not believe the amount of clarity, transformation and mindset shifts that happened in just this one session. 
I came into my session with Megan knowing I had some big blocks around the next level of leadership I was stepping into in my business, and Megan had so many modalities in her toolbox to help me really dig down into the root of those blocks.
The best part is that I left with a clear, tangible action plan on how to continue working through everything - no fluff, no BS! I immediately felt so much lighter and was able to quickly take action on things I had been hedging on for MONTHS. 
I couldn’t recommend the 180 in 180 enough! ”

Dr. Laura DeCesaris

Founder of Her Wellness Mastermind

“Megan did such an amazing job utilizing every second of this 180 in 180 session to deep dive into revealing my limiting beliefs & blind spots, dissecting areas in which I felt stuck, and organizing a detailed plan of action for how to take my next steps towards a career I love and am inspired by. She did a great job balancing active listening/reassurance with active practices and plans to achieve my personal goals. Beyond that, it was inspiring to be surrounded by her empowering energy, driven mentality, and unwavering belief that I can achieve those BIG dreams that I have. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to take their goals and ideas to the next level, it will be well worth your time.”

Kaitlynn Dunbar

Why I'm the guide you’ve been missing

To say I have experience and expertise here would be putting it lightly. 

My list of experiences in pivoting / building resilency / paving my own path include:

  • Overcoming 3 major knee surgeries starting as early as elementary school to come back as a competitive soccer player through college and now a competitive Olympic lifter and trail runner (both of which I started after age 30)
  • One of the only females in my mathmatics program in college & turned down a PhD offer to pivot into physical therapy
  • Top of my class when I got my doctorate in physical therapy in spite of having ADHD
  • Solo traveling to over 11 countries
  • Building up an oncology rehab program at a local hospital & helping cancer patients rebuild their lives in an aligned way
  • Overcome multiple childhood and adult traumas including pausing my career to be my dad's caregiver and holding his hand as he passed
  • Leaving corporate healthcare to build up my own successful clinic while holding teaching positions and coaching CrossFit.
  • Navigating burnout numerous times, each time coming back faster with deeper skills (yes, I teach you those ;))
  • Making the courageous leap to leave healthcare entirely to build up this offer, alongside my podcast and speaking engagements!

And this isn't even accounting for all the relevant professional certifications and experiences!

As I dove into my own personal development and became certified as a trauma and somatic informed practitioner, I noted a gap that was creating excessive unnecessary burnout in those around me and created the Breakup With Burnout course for clinicians. At the same time, I also published the Rediscovering Your Best Self Journal. Through these, along with chatting with friends and patients who lovingly “called me out” on it, I began to realize my true calling - helping other high-acheiving women find their true purpose, gain clarity, and break through any blocks in their way in order to truly achieve joy and fulfillment! 

That "calling out" included people showing me how I've been unknowingly doing this work for SEVERAL years now. And after working with many other women since fully pivoting into being a career clarity and nervous system regulation coach, I have mastered how to get you the clarity you want and the action plan to go with it in a FRACTION of the time and cost it would take you without me 

I’m in. Let’s get started.

So what does this actually entail??

As soon as you grab this offer:

You will dive into powerful self-reflection via the intake form that will ask some pointed questions to figure out where you’re at, where you want to be, and where your biggest blocks are. 

and this includes a dedicated place to brain dump alllll the things swirling around in your head!

Dr. Megan will review this and shoot you back some targeted exercises to help guide you to digging even deeper, which will not only give you some immediate clarity and action steps, but they will help guide the deep dive call! You will also receive a calendar link to book your 90 min deep dive call with Dr. Megan. 

During that call:

We will uncover the root of your blocks and utilize tools and exercises in real time to get you to bust through those blocks! This will look incredibly different for each person. How deep you want to go, how “unstuck” you get is all driven by you - Dr. Megan is known as a “freedom catalyst” and “the best resource dealer” for a reason - if you’re ready to go there and really uplevel your mindset and your abundance, she’ll get you there!

After the call:

You will feel a MILLION times better about yourself and where you’re headed!!

Also…During the call, Dr. Megan would have also given you a few exercises and/or journal prompts to help propel you forward and increase your self-confidence and self-worth even more. These plus the pre-call-exercises are intended to take no more than 90 minutes total (so 180 minutes once you add in the call time). You will be given a week deadline to complete those, and will have access to ask any final clarifying questions. 

This ain’t your normal fluffy mindset/life/biz coaching. This is intentional, packed with actionable items, and transformative AF. 

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